Choosing Mediation in a Wrongful Death Case

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Can I choose mediation to solve my wrongful death case?

Choosing Mediation in a Wrongful Death Case

Not all wrongful death cases must go to a court or trial. Civil cases can also be decided by mediation. Mediation happens when both parties involved agree to sit down and discuss the case while an impartial mediator or facilitator helps the conversation along. Many times, cases can be settled and damages awarded if the guilty party agrees to mediation and sits down to settle how much to pay. If you feel that a trial may not be the best situation for your case, ask your wrongful death lawyer about mediation.



8/3/2006 9:39:19 AM
Smith said:

I recently went through mediation for a wrongful death claim. The person who died was the person who caused the car accident, but during mediation the attorneys representing his estate and insurance company attacked me as if I am not emotional enough from the results of his actions now I am under attack by them for money settlement. Facts are not use correctly in mediations it is a bunch of mis-fit sentences that make no sense when played out with all of the other facts!!!!! The bottom line, mediation is a way to collect free money if an attorney does not have a problem looking at themselves in a mirror at the end of the day for what they have to do to get it.


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