Use Your Judgment As to Whether You Should Report an Incident

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I have an injury, but, it is not bad. Will an insurance company pay big money if I complain?

Use Your Judgment As to Whether You Should Report an Incident

Don't report an insignificant injury. It is a waste of an establishment's time, money, and effort. Unless required by law, such as an auto accident, a work accident, or an accident in which you injured yourself doing something you would reasonably be considered at fault for doing in a space that you abide in, don't try to blame someone else. There are many attorney commercials that lead you to believe free money is out there from insurance companies for any injury. They put the blame on the insurance company for not paying legally due monies, when, in fact, insurance companies have gone into bankruptcy paying legitimate claims. Insurance companies and Third Party Administrators (TPA's) hire trained professionals that settle legally owed claims for reasonable amounts, and do not get bonuses or benefits for settling claims for any less than the claim's value.



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