"Insurance Companies Don't Want to Pay You" is a Myth

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Why does it take so long for my Personal Injury Claim to be Settled?

"Insurance Companies Don't Want to Pay You" is a Myth

Ads from attorneys claiming trained insurance adjusters do not pay or pay as little as possible on claims is ludicrous. Also ludicrous is the fact that when attorneys get involved, the claim process moves faster, and claims have an inflated value. They do not. The only inflated value is the cost that the claimant must pay the attorney, which is supposedly thought to be paid by the insurance company. Cases where claimants are left holding the bag, after trials found no compensable damages and/or liability, are ones which are not advertised. An inflated claim costs the insurance company money, the company that purchased the policy money, and ultimately, the consumer pays through increased prices. Therefore, everything is inflated when insurance adjusters pay "large cash settlements" that are unwarranted. The reality is, no insurance adjuster pays a "large cash settlement".



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