Don't believe everything you see on T.V. about Personal Injury!

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What about those ads on T.V.?

Don't believe everything you see on T.V. about Personal Injury!

As you are recovering from an injury, televised attorney ads seem so believable. What they are not telling you is that they will take 1/3 of your settlement money (if the case is settled, if not, they may take 40 percent if it goes to trial), and that there is no guarantee that the other party legally owes you ANYTHING. You may wind up paying the attorney fees you wouldn't have otherwise incurred. Whenever you see the motto, "Large and small, we take them all" on an attorney's billboard, know that they take every case, because every case is a gamble, and you are the dice. Adjusters see some attorneys repeatedly, using the same doctors over and over. These doctors use the same diagnostic codes, the same treatments, and the same reports, without fail. You did not win the lottery if you get rear-ended in your car. You got a damaged car, an injury, and a hassle. You can lessen the hassle for yourself and others by getting your car fixed, going through your own carrier, having your carrier subrogate, notifying the other driver's carrier of your injury, if they haven't contacted you already (and they should have), and keeping them informed of your treatment. Open lines of communication always work. Don't get frustrated if the adjuster doesn't immediately return calls. On a bad weather day, he or she may receive thirteen new losses, with at least 26 new people to contact (both drivers) with auto inspections to be set up, plus passengers, witnesses, etc., along with any other liability clams the adjuster receives, making it extremely difficult for contact to be made. This is reality. However, keeping your emotions under control and remaining a reasonable individual to deal with will help all involved and will make the claim process go smoothly.



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