What to Do if You Suspect Birth Injury

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What do I do if I suspect birth injuries?

What to Do if You Suspect Birth Injury

If you think that you are not being provided adequate or prompt care when you are in the hospital delivering your baby, speak up. You might be able to prevent a birth injury. If the birth has already happened, make sure to check on your baby frequently. If the child seems at all injured or not behaving in a normal manner, alert the nurses and doctors. Keep notes of what is going on and what the medical staff is doing to take care of your baby. Once you and your baby come home from the hospital, think about the care you were given. If you believe that the hospital or medical staff did not take care of your child correctly, or were incompetent in any way, think about contacting a birth injury attorney. They will be able to help you in pursuing those who took care of your baby in a legal fashion and let you know if you have a case against them.



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