How to Handle 'Bad Faith'

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What should I do if I think my claim was handled in bad faith?

How to Handle 'Bad Faith'

If you think your claim was denied for a reason other than those stated in your policy, or if you believe that your insurance company is trying to put off paying your claim, you have the right to question bad faith practices. Start by contacting the insurance company yourself and let them know you feel your claim was unfairly denied (or that you feel that you have been made to wait an inordinate amount of time). You can also confront the company if you feel they are trying to get out of paying you the full amount you are owed on a claim, such as with auto insurance. If contacting the insurance company yourself does not work, you will need to contact a lawyer to argue your case for you. Most often the lawyers who handle these types of cases are personal injury lawyers, and they are well versed in the laws dealing with insurance claim cases.



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