Failing to Diagnose Cancer - Another Case of Malpractice

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Can failure to diagnose cancer be seen as medical malpractice?

Failing to Diagnose Cancer - Another Case of Malpractice

Cancer is a word that no one wants to hear in conjunction with their health. If it is caught early, many types of cancer such as breast and skin cancer, can be treated and put into remission. These cancers can be treated with radiation, surgery and chemotherapy, and the patient can live a long life. Unfortunately, there are instances in which a failure to diagnose cancer occurs. If a patient feels a breast lump, has a suspicious mole or other symptom that they can't explain, it is a doctor's duty to do all the testing they can to find the cause. In some cases, a doctor did not perform the proper tests, leading them to miss the diagnosis of cancer in its early stages. Other times, a doctor has not completed a full physical of his or her patient, leading them to miss warning signs. This can then lead to a patient having a decreased survival rate or even death, if the cancer is caught at too late of a date. If you have cancer and feel that it should have been caught earlier by your doctor, you may have a legal case for medical malpractice.



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