Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

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How do I start filing an auto insurance claim?

Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

When you need to file auto insurance claims, it is best to notify your insurance broker or provider as soon as possible after an accident. You will need to let them know what happened so that they can begin to process your auto insurance claims quickly. Car accidents can cause a large pile up of bills, from medical treatments to car repairs, and you will need be reimbursed from your (or the driver at fault's) insurance company. Make sure that you document everything that you have gone through in this time period - the accident, medical assessment, take pictures and collect eyewitness statements. Don't agree to take the amount of money that your insurance company is offering if you feel it is too low. Insurance companies are supposed to act in good faith, meaning that they will not lie to you or try to get you to accept less than you deserve. Make sure to carefully consider each offer, and if the amount seems too low, you may need to hire an attorney to speak with the insurance company or possibly to pursue a lawsuit.



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